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Sharing the knighthood experience at Council 14219


Some of our brothers share their points of view and reasons to become a member of the council! Read their stories and come join us.

Why a knight?
Jack Sheehan
Past Grand Knight

Why I Joined the Knights of Columbus


My wife Kathi and I joined the Parish in 2000 and quickly became involved in the parish life.  I served on the Finance Council while Kathi worked on the Art and Environment Committee for the new worship space.  This involvement created a desire in us to expand our parish life.


When I heard the announcement at Mass that the Knights

were forming a new Council at St. Mary’s, I was immediately interested.  Having been a Catholic all my life, I had always been aware of the Knights of Columbus, yet was unclear as 

to what the Knights really did.


 After discussions with several members, I believed that the Knights might provide me with the opportunity to serve St. Mary’s Parish in many other ways while at the same time meeting other Parishioners.


Six years later I wonder why I waited so long to join the Knights of Columbus, the Right arm of the Church. This fraternal organization provides opportunities to serve the

parish and community, deepen personal spiritual life, and create fellowship and social opportunities among men and

their families.


Jack Sheehan

Why a knight?
Eddie Whitlock
Past Grand Knight

Why I am a Knight at St. Mary


I joined the Knights of Columbus in 2006 at the urging of a friend. 


I was initially reluctant, as I was concerned that I had no extra time to give – isn’t that how we all feel?  We are busy people!  I was involved in school and the church ministries.  Anyway, my friend assured me that I was already doing the works of the Knights of Columbus, and that no extra time would be required.  The Knights could help me with my work.  He was right.  I joined, and never regretted it.  In fact, I regret not joining sooner.  The camaraderie has made my service more enjoyable.  I made new friends. 


The social aspect of the Knights (which is great) was an added bonus.  My family became involved as well.  I became involved in other ministries and charitable works (all within my time availability).


Service through the Knights of Columbus has brought me great satisfaction.  I urge others to not let time slip away – become a Knight today!


Eddie Whitlock

Why a knight?
Bob Rosbaugh
Membership Director
Why a knight?
Sean Connor
Grand Knight 15 - 16

Why I am a Knight?


      At a very young age, I learned the value of stewardship; of giving freely of my time, talents, and treasure, knowing that each came from and actually belongs to a God who loves me. 


      I have always felt a calling to volunteer, and as such, I have always been involved in some form of volunteer activity.  From working with our local volunteer Ambulance Corps, to umpiring at the local little league, to military troop support.  It took until later in my life for me to critically ask myself who I was volunteering with, and did they agree with my personal beliefs.  What I came back with was life-changing. 


       I had spent the majority of my life volunteering my time to help very rewarding causes, but with people who did not, in many cases, share my core beliefs.  I had relegated myself to sitting in silence and telling myself that the volunteer activity was the important thing, after all.         Then I pursued becoming a Knight.  I now volunteer my time and talents helping my community, my parish, and the Catholic church, but I do that with people who share my thoughts, worries, and beliefs.  When I see injustice, others see that too, and want to help me overcome that injustice. 


       When there is joy in my life, there are men there to share in that joy, and when I experience sadness or worry, there are men to help hold me up.  I joined a Brotherhood, where I am accepted for what I am, who I am, and who I can be.  I am not judged; I am nudged in the right direction by others who are really just good examples of the man I have always wanted to be. 


         This is why I became a Knight, but also why I remain a Knight.


Robert Rosbaugh

Why am I a Knight?


I have been an active member of the Knights of Columbus for five years and I think like most, I joined the Knights of Columbus because I wanted to be “more involved”.  I wanted to be involved so my children could see our family as an active participant in the Parish, and so the Parish community was part of their life, as opposed to just a bunch of people they saw on Sundays.  Why I became a Knight is only a small part of the equation, though.  If I were a prospective Knight, knowing why people joined would be great, but I’d be more interested in understanding why they are still knights.            

I joined looking to increase my involvement in the Parish, and the Knights have certainly helped.  Since joining, I’ve helped to coordinate one of the key fundraisers the Knights do each year, I’ve helped coordinate some of the 50th anniversary celebrations, I’ve taken on an officer’s role in the Council, my wife has participated in the MOMS ministry and coordinates the nursery.  Our family has certainly been given every change to be involved, just as I had hoped. 


But I’m busy.  Like many looking to join the Knights, I’m busy.  Honestly, there are times that I wonder if I’m not too busy.  I have a stressful job for which I travel regularly.  I have four wonderful kids and a wife at home that need my time.  I coach their sports teams and I volunteer at their school.  We’re not unique in that our family candle is mostly burning at both ends.   


Somehow though, the Knights aren’t just another iron in the fire.  Through it all, involvement with the Knights has helped me slow things down.  My experience as a Knight has helped me to reflect and appreciate the blessings in my life.  I believe the Knights have helped me to continue to grow and develop my faith, and that of my family. 

I joined the Knights because I wanted to be more involved in the Church…I remain a Knight because the Church is more involved in me. 

I would encourage anyone to take the same journey.   


Sean Connor

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